Listed window refurbishment

Specialists in listed window refurbishment do exist. When looking at having your listed windows renovated, make sure you speak to specialists that are not going to sell you a solution that suits them – but provides you with a solution that suits your windows.

Companies that provide services for historic windows and heritage windows should have case studies and previous customers that you can speak to – ensuring you have the confidence that they can provide you with the services you require.

When gathering quotes and reports on your windows, make sure you are not sold a solution, but that these companies are listening to what you and your property needs. The refurbishment of the listed windows should be your most crucial objective. Replacement should genuinely be the last resort.

These companies may suggest that they “refurbish” or “restore” listed windows. Be aware that there exists the perception in the window trade that refurbishment includes replacement. That is obviously not the case, but a good salesman could sell you this as a viable option. They may trumpet that they can supply and fit all types of wooden sash windows that are either single glazed or double glazed offering low U-values and improved heat-efficiency. These improvements are also available to your original sash windows. Don’t allow them to convince you of the contrary.

They may provide a free service where their “specialist team” of tradesmen will come out to assess the work necessary on your period conservation windows, providing a quick and no obligation free quotation. Reciprocity is a strange and powerful tool in these sales techniques.

The refurbishment of your current wooden sash windows is a cost-effective option and could very possibly return your traditional Sash/Victorian/Box sash/Sliding sash windows to their original glory.

Most old sash and case windows were initially manufactured from exceptionally durable timber, so it makes sense to restore original joinery rather than replacing.


Window refurbishment processes


The following is a good description of a standard listed window refurbishment:

1. Repair any rotten timber with a professional repair system. The repair-care system is an exceptional system and can be seen reviewed here.

2. Should the section be beyond repair, splicing in new hardwood timber is crucial. These new timber sections should be moulded in with a flexible system – such as the repair-care system – to ensure the new timber and original timber can move without cracking open the repair.

3. Replace any broken panes of glass. Make sure the glass is replaced with a like for like pane. This would ensure that you keep the character of the window intact. The Dryseal putty system carries a 10-year warranty and would be the best possible product to ensure the timber sections are sealed.

4. Overhaul the sashes to ensure they fit into the sash frame and meet well in the middle. Overhauling would ensure the sashes move fluently up and down within the original timber frame.

4. Replace any sash cords if frayed. Sash cords are important to replace when the sashes are out of the frames as doing this following the work would be costly. Our suggestion is to replace all cords to ensure you don’t have any costly surprises.

5. Replacing the sash pulleys would also be prudent if they are not functioning correctly.

6. A good perimeter draught proofing system can now be installed to ensure the window is as heat-efficient as possible. Don’t allow a salesman to convince you that double glazing is the only solution for heat-efficiency.

7. Ensure all open timber is now sealed with a good primer and painted to a good standard. You should not allow any gaps to remain to allow water-ingress.

8. Spray some silicone spray on the sides of the frame and you have beautifully refurbished sashes with the efficiency to rival any new window.

Window refurbishment results


The process may not require all the steps. The right process would provide you with:

1. Wooden Windows that are sound.
2. Sashes that move freely and are properly sealed when closed.
3. The satisfaction of knowing you have ensured the longevity of the original windows for many years to come.




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